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Firstly, the title. I’ve spent the last month working with my good friend developing the season outline for a television series – about which I must remain zipped. Anyways, as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, on account of our different approaches to plot developments and scenes, we have given ourselves the nicknames Dr Fantasy and Mr Plausibility. He’s Doctor Fantasy, and I’m mister Plausibility, despite, I might add, the fact that I have a PhD and he doesn’t. Anyways, we were recently moot on the idea that we ought to form a more permanent collaboration and register as Plausible Fantasy Productions. Whether or not this whole idea is fantastic or at all plausible is the real question. Anyways, there you go.

Below is a collection of recent and not so recent photos – more vignettes than stunners on this occasion, but I like them all the same.

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