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Not quite, but almost

George street suits


Central station

4728 Bronte 3

3323 Glebe point road

3930 Chinatown 2

4016 City building

corinthian pilasters

5166 Escalator 3

fresh driftwood

Devonshire street


4010 Six

9820 Bronte sand

Reminded me of Marvin, crashing into the sun


Toby's estate

Hilton side

6001 Railway 3

Grace Kelly

ben sherman 2

This collection of photographs comes from spending the last month mostly going through older folders and picking out things I might have missed. They’re all shots I either ignored or overlooked the first time around, and so, whilst I don’t consider them the cream of the crop, there are a good few I like all the same.

This is also likely the last post I’ll me making from Australia for seven weeks, as I’ll be heading to India with V, via Bali and Singapore. The first stop in India is Thiruvananthapuram, which took me a few days to learn to say correctly, and the last is Kolkata. As to what happens in between, we are really not sure.

Inevitably, I’m totally pumped about the photographic opportunities that will present themselves and, of course, the holiday itself. I’m don’t know how much I’ll blog while away, though I will certainly be taking my laptop – despite travelling light again with just a carry-on bag and a pair of thongs.

Finally, I’m moving house tomorrow. I’ve written about how much I love this place in the past and my deep affection for it has not diminished one whit. However, I am moving in with V, so I suppose that constitutes an upgrade : )

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