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Last Saturday, my buddy Paul (Dr Fantasy) and I did our first job together as the team Celebrius. Celebrius is the name of an event photography and video business we are in the process of forming. The plan is to cover any and all events – weddings, parties, anything as it were, providing tasteful, arty stills and innovative video editing. Paul and I have a lot of amateur experience and some small amount of professional experience in these areas, but either way we feel confident we have the capacity, without being cocky or arrogant, I hope : ) In this case we volunteered to work for free – it seemed like both a good cause and a practice project, though there was the slightly mercenary motivation in having our names attached and promoted.

Anyways, this collection of photos is more a mood piece than anything else. I wanted to provide dreamy frames to use for montage and thus focussed more on emotive portraits and evident thought. We were at first somewhat disappointed that there weren’t more people, and that the sky was overcast. Indeed, for a while, at the beginning, there were more people photographing the event than participating in creating or affixing art to the wall. Yet, everybody was lovely and pleasant –  a good-natured and likeable bunch.

As to the event, it was the first Sydney incarnation of an international event called Wallpeople.

Have a look at the blurb below:

Wallpeople is a collaborative art event that happens in 45 cities around the world at the same time. A street wall will become a makeshift outdoor gallery where all participants may exhibit their own works and collaborate to create an improvised open-air museum.

This year, Sydney joins the global network of creatives for the first time and invites all city artists & creative enthusiasts alike to join us next 1st of June in Newtown.

Created in Barcelona in 2009, Wallpeople leads people to create, and be part of a unique moment in a certain urban place, with the intention to set up a unique and street work done by all.

Wallpeople 2013: Music Edition

The guiding theme for 2013 is MUSIC. We want everyone to express his unique relationship with music, no matter what genre or style. The participants have two possibilities:

1. Reinterpret a song in an artistic format of your choice: illustration, photography, text, painting, collage, canvas…
2. Create any work related to music in a general way: For example: a tribute to an artist, a concert, a musical moment of your life, your favourite style, musical origins…

0049 Wall people

0032 Wall people

0040 Wall people

0103 Wall people

0050 Wall people

0121 Wall people

0059 Wall people

0096 Wall people

0146 Wall people

0223 Wall People colour

0115 Wall people

0233 Wall People

0210 Wall People

0268 Wall People crop 2

0269 Wall People

0281 Wall People

0322 Wall People

0302 Wall People

0326 Wall People

0316 Wall People

0324 Wall People

0332 Wall People

0336 Wall People

0343 Wall People

0356 Wall People

0361 Wall People 2

0369 Wall People

0363 Wall People

0018 Wall people

0428 Wall People

0024 Wall people B&W

0391 Wall People

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