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August Vignettes

4127 Pilot

4365 Moreton Bay

4387 Mangrove

8485 Beastman, Annandale

8314 Surfer

8216 Surfing in a sphere

8266 Sculpture by the sea

2344 Circular Quay

8562 Sunset, Camperdown

8513 stairs rotate

8226 Lady at the beach

4484 Prism Vault light

4155 Airport

1927 Liverpool street apartments

3809 Iron railing

4037 Sydney domestic

4106 Pilot

2595 Legs

8544 Lips, Macro 2

4432 Glebe sun

8519 Self portrait

4339 Horse drinking

1915 Glebe Point silhouette

4133 Airport 2

1426 Baseballer

4333 Dead car

2319 Dude, The Rocks

4370 Horses in Moreton Bay

The title here is misleading as most of these photographs were not taken in August. Indeed, I have a sneaking suspicion that not a single one of them dates from August, but of course, the responder’s context is equally valid in determining the meaning of a text, yada yada yada. The centre of gravity here is a recent visit to Brisbane to see my brother – hence the airport and shots of Moreton Bay. A few of the photos are older ones I’d not quite noticed before, but most are recent. I especially enjoyed shooting at Sydney Domestic airport. I’ve always felt very self-conscious taking photos in airports as I don’t want to be deemed a security risk, and in many places it is discouraged or illegal. Either way, there’s a lot of stuff worth shooting at the airport and I look forward to the next opportunity.

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