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Black & Blue stuff

With the exception of the shots from the Skunkhour gig, these are all taken over the past few weeks. All of them are from the city or the inner west of Sydney. Slowly I’ve been warming up for an impending trip to England, Greece and Italy – leaving first thing Thursday morning. We’re flying into Londres : ) then, after four or five days in Cambridge, flying out to Rhodes. From there we are island hopping via Santorini and the ruins of Delos to Athens over ten days, before flying to spend a week in Rome. This trip is not about new discoveries but catching up and refreshing old favourites, and I’m especially excited about revisiting two places I’ve lived in previously – namely Cambridge and Rome. The last time I was in Rome was February 2008 – five years after I lived there. It seems about right, therefore, that I should head back there in 2013.

Thusly, I’ll be away for roughly 25 days and hence may not contribute a great deal to Tragicocomedia. I’m not ruling out contributing a hell of a lot either, but judging on previous form, there’ll be too much amazing stuff to look at and photograph and I’ll be adequately distracted. Either way, life goes on.

4067 QVB Smoker 2

1028 Local rugby union

5562 Drug of choice

6002 Man on the street 2

1058 Purple dude

5792 Gig

5544 QVB Christo

5571 Back lane, Surry Hills

1030 Bunch of blokes 2

1602 Slender trunks

5031 Kirribilli markets

1969 Camperdown

1022 Parramatta rd selfie

6011 Door

1623 Glebe Point 2

5656 Skunkhour

5083 Peace, bro

6015 Marble reflections 2

1682 talking

5643 Deano 2

1090 Triangle

1703 Big stuff

1848 Benevolent

5611 Buddha

1516 Afternoon snooze

1582 Trap!

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