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Without much ado, here are a bunch of new photographs taken in the last few days. I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging around the streets, the iPod (RIP Steve Jobs) serving me plentifully well with a sidewalk soundtrack. Of late I’ve been enjoying both the slick and the seedy; there sure are a lot of real characters in Sydney, and a trawl around some regular locales, with an eye to the curious, has been, if not as rewarding as I would like, a fascinating sociological and anthropological study. Downtown in the daytime has a lot to offer, and I think I shall milk it for as long as possible. Persistence seems to be bringing things to life for me once more, even if the results are not as striking as I was hoping.

So, without wishing to complicate things with too lengthy a preamble, here are the results of the last week’s various shooting sprees!

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