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Heat and Rain

I always have a bit of a hard time with summer. As much as I like the idea of it, the reality is often long periods of total and utter discomfort. I guess I can’t do much about the fact that humidity is my kryptonite. Recently the weather gave us a taste of summer, and whilst the temperatures registered were only in the low thirties, the stifling humidity made it especially unpleasant. Some are well equipped to deal with warm weather, but the sudden heat seemed to discomfort just about everyone.

What a pleasure it was, therefore, when the storm broke on Monday afternoon, and, indeed, again, more vigorously, on Tuesday. The city is far nicer in the rain, and fun to photograph. The silver and black reflections on the wet surfaces give a stark cleanness that it otherwise lacks. The silhouettes are huddled or posing with umbrellas, and many people run across open spaces, offering instant drama. The cars for once become allies on account of their headlights, which cast great shadows or backlight passers-by. It was nice to be out shooting in the rain, and out walking in it full stop.

Dixon Street, Chinatown, seems to have had markets at night of late. I’m honestly not sure what their schedule is or whether it will happen again at all, but they’re worth a look and have a great buzz of activity around them. Should you chance upon them, you will find plenty of the usual unwanted trinkets and baubles, but also a good deal of grilled, barbecued and wok-fried dishes on offer. Besides the many stalls down the length of the mall, many of the shops remain open late, selling more crap you don’t need, but also, for example, excellent pork buns!

And otherwise, I’ve been trekking around the good old inner west. It has its troubled pockets and many eyesores, but it’s a cracking place filled with great beauty and some rather robust, industrial architecture. The ever-harried stretch of Parramatta Road between Sydney University and Leichhardt can hardly be called attractive, yet it certainly has something going for it; the bite of reality, perhaps.

And so, enough talk! More photos from the last week…

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