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I’m not entirely sure why, but I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done lately. The best excuse I can conjure is that I’ve worked a lot more mornings in recent weeks, and the morning is my best time for writing. In fact, I find it difficult to write once I’ve left the house and my head has been filled with stimuli and distractions. It’s surprising what can put my concentration off – even a simple conversation with someone can shift me out of the clear-headed mood that the morning brings. Still, my little perch here in Glebe has proven as accommodating as ever and offers the promise of future writing sessions to make up for the recently rather slack rate of output.

I have, however, taken a lot of photographs over the last month. Most of these have been in the same locales around which I’ve been gravitating for the past year, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put an original spin on things. A trip to the Blue Mountains with V last weekend offered the chance of new subject matter, yet I almost invariably fail to capitalise on natural settings. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m too busy enjoying being outdoors and walking to want to focus on taking shots, and partly because I find nature more difficult to frame than people and architecture. It’s either too asymmetrical, or looks beautiful in its totality, but doesn’t fit into a frame well. The only things that ever seem to work are macros and vignettes, but I never seem to come away with much on that front. Still, what the hell, there is life, and there’s blogging, and I guess the former is more important than the latter.

The world has also provided another very effective distraction, having been rather riveting of late. What with the US presidential election and eruptions of violence over the release of the film The Innocence of Muslims – a topic I plan to address in the coming weeks – I have spent a lot of time listening to and reading news like a junkie. I certainly hope to hammer out a few more articles in the coming month, yet, having just taken on the task of reworking some of the English-teaching materials the high-school tutoring college in which I work, I suspect I shall be rather busy…

As for this collection of photographs, it took me a while to feel happy enough with what I had, but I got there in the end. The title, Interregnum, is the Latin term for a period between kings, and, of late, it feels as though no one has been sitting on the throne of Tragicocomedia. Fear not, however, Professor Rollmops is not dead. Long live Professor Rollmops!

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