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Seasonal Ventures

The weather of late has been a titillating mix of dry heat and cool, crisp sunny days. There has been a lot of good eating and plenty of outdoors adventures, an especially indulgent start to spring. This last week also heralded the first two swims of the season. The first at what we like to call “the Resort”, which is the part of Bronte Beach immediately next to the ocean pool where the water from the pool spills down onto the rocks in a wide, continuous fan. It acts like a splendid water feature, and adds a certain luxuriousness to what is otherwise swimming in a large natural rockpool with abundant swaying seagrass.

So, a good start to the season on every level, with a lot of work to be done and plenty of things to look forward to. The good news is a coming holiday of seven weeks in Asia with V. We plan to fly via Bali and Singapore to India and spend the bulk of our time there. The local budget carriers make for a very surprisingly cheap round trip, which is, to say the least, very fortunate. Anyways, enough said, other than best wishes and an invitation to enjoy these photographs.

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