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Slow Burn

It’s been a while since I posted a collection of Sydney shots – as has happened in the past, I got tired of the subject matter. Having said that, subject matter is a pretty fluid thing, so perhaps the problem lay rather with context. Then again, context is transformed by so many factors that its appeal as a theatre of operations ought to be a fluid thing; different seasons, different fashions, different people – it’s a shifting scene sure enough. Before I deconstruct my own excuses further… these shots have come together over a number of months, though most are quite recent as I’ve dedicated more time to pursuing shots – hence the title – Slow Burn.

And it has been slow. The Golden ratio – my own reckoning, detailing the occurrence of “Gold” quality shots – has been disappointingly low; a lot of shots taken without result. In truth, however, I attribute it to a lack of patience. Random stuff is all very well, but often the best results come from sitting on a scene or pushing on relentlessly to find another. More such time has strengthened the focus of late, though having said that, most of these came from things stumbled upon. Enough! Here’s a few shots…

0275 Kale surprise

0967 Love on an escalator 2

1299 Drama at Town Hall station

1143 Lightbulbs

0907 Pink snail

2150 Man with fridge

2157 Man with fridge

2161 Man with fridge 3

1032 Balloon chimp

0713 Dinosaurs!

1447 King's Cross flats

8534 Tennis court

1103 Bricks

1979 Enmore selfie

8389 Broadway scene

1300 Tourists on George

2108 Cool Korean

1236 George street faces

0953 Exit stage right

1221 Micro bureao de change 2

1932 Glebe Point

0675 Swing girl

2030 Lichen & Fern 2

2232 Distorting mirror

2235 Horse IV



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